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The SuperStand Standing Wheelchair

Manufacturer of the "SuperStand" wheelchair

The SuperStand Standing Wheelchair is a very unique piece of equipment. It allows someone who is normally confined to a seated position in a traditional wheelchair to STAND UP and stretch out with ease and safety, at any time, in any place.

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The SuperStand Standing Wheelchair in action

Introducing the SuperStand Standing Wheelchair

Because it is so EASY and EXHILARATING to stand, many users stand up dozens of times per day!

Standing wheelchairs make it easier to:
  • Use top shelves
  • Hug a friend
  • Swing a golf club
  • Barbecue steaks
  • Sing in church
  • Cast & catch fish
  • Interview for jobs
  • Reach tools
  • Lift weights
  • Sell a product
  • Sell yourself
  • Check oil in car
  • Dust top ledges
  • Change a light bulb
  • Iron clothes
  • Enjoy a concert
  • Play guitar
  • Salute the flag
  • Throw a ball
  • Stretch out
  • Discipline kids
  • Be in a wedding
  • Pull a bow
  • Greet friends
  • Look over shoulders
  • Talk with buddies
  • Drink at the bar
  • Give a presentation
  • Operate mills & lathes
  • Wax a car
  • Water hanging plants
  • Work at blackboards
  • Play horseshoes
  • Cook on stove
  • Have more fun

The SuperStand Philosophy
We engineer our standing wheelchairs to be easy, fun, and healthy to use so you get natural therapy without having to think about it!

Standing wheelchairs in actionBetter Health, Better Life.
Experience has shown that a regular program of repetitive standing can help to prevent many problems associated with wheelchair confinement including: skin breakdown, urinary tract infections, bone demineralization, poor circulation, spasticity, muscle contractures and shoulder pain.

Check out our Superstand Wheelchair in action  (Click on start.  There is a 5 second delay before video starts)

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What our users have to say...
Since Samantha received her standing wheelchair two years ago, she has become so much more independent.

She now can brush teeth at the sink, loves doing dishes, can get her own drink from the fridge and shoot her rifle with her dad, etc. The Standing Wheelchair has helped our daughter in so many different ways.

We had the opportunity to spend a few days at The Standing Company in Saginaw. The folks there are awesome!!!

Thanks for making Samantha more independent and confident in herself.

Samantha - 11 yrs. old
Dx : Spina Bifida

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Which Model is Right for You?
  • Our Full Power Chair offers powered mobility and a powered standing mechanism
  • Our Half Power Chair offers powered mobility and a manual standing mechanism
  • Our Manual Chair offers manual mobility and a manual standing mechanism

The Half Power Standing Wheelchair

The Standing Wheelchair Company is HQAA Accredited

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