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Benefits of Passive Standing

A Photographer in a Standing WheelchairAn accumulation of medical facts taken from physicians' prescriptions indicates the following to be the primary reason doctors strongly recommend passive standing:

  • Promotes better urinary drainage
  • Helps improve circulation
  • Stretches hamstrings & heel cords
  • Helps control spasticity
  • Assists in bowel & bladder regularity
  • Helps reduce skin breakdown
  • Helps to release & prevent contractures
  • Exercises the cardiovascular system
  • Assists "feeling good"

Even without considering these physiological benefits, the cost of passive standing can be justified when one considers the increased independence and productivity. In fact, the SuperStand philosophy is all about making it as easy as possible to achieve greater health and well-being.

The Standing Company on TV

Here is The Standing Company's own Edward Bell being interviewed on TV about his Superstand Standing Wheelchair.  Click on this link to see the whole interview:

        * Ed Bell on WLEX NBC18 in Louiville, KY

Sitting Too Much Could Be Deadly

The article entitled Sitting Too Much Could Be Deadly by Maria Cheng, AP Medical Writer, on January 20, 2010, was written about sitting in general.  Now just imagine how someone confined to a wheelchair might feel.  This article really sums up the benefits of standing.

Tilt in Space Chair Comparison

Perhaps your therapist has recommended a tilt in space chair. Be sure to consider the health and quality of life benefits offered by standing wheelchairs. Our handy tilt in space comparison page shows the two products side-by-side.

Helpful Resources

  Check out RESNA's position on standing:
Check out this excellent article, written by Dan Peterson, Physical Therapist:
Read these case studies, written by Marjorie D' Alecy, Physiotherapist:
Check out this news story that shows a Superstand Standing Wheelchair user who was able to go back to work:

       * Harp Technician Continues Working with Disability

Here is an article about the Dangers of Prolonged Sitting:

Here is a recent Charle Osgood (CBS-TV and radio personality) commentary on the dangers of sitting.  He is, obviously, addressing able-bodied people but his message has triple validity for traditional chair users who have to sit for 12-16 hours a day.  (we thank him for adopting our long time tag line . . . "Don't just sit there"):


View our Photo Gallery to see a wide variety of activities that are possible with the SuperStand Standing Wheelchair.

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What our users have to say...
For the first 22 years after my injury (T-1), I used a traditional manual wheelchair . . . and I used to get urinary tract infections (UTIs) all the time.

During almost every one of those 22 years, I was in the hospital at least once for a UTI (not exactly every year, but most years).

However, after I received my standing wheelchair 8 years ago, I have not had one UTI. NONE!

Not only did I eliminate the UTIs, but I was able to go off Baclofen within the first 18 months.

Better health is terrific . . . but what I like the most is that I am far more independent. When I stand, I can do more things for myself.

Dx: SCI, T-1
Hagerstown, Indiana

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